I Took One Shot & Have 16 Left In The Clip

By Mike Trampe

Let me make this clear from the jump. Were talking opportunities here, not bullets. With that said, let’s get into it.

I have the pleasure of being on the front line of One Shot’s social media on a daily basis. While the experience is usually positive, I can’t help to notice some of the negativity that comes with the territory, and for what? Hopefully this article will help you see it from my perspective.

The show is called One Shot, but it isn’t the end of your career, dream or life if you don’t win the show. Just like the title implies, you have many more “shots” left, especially if you play your cards right.

In my opinion, this show isn’t only about winning $100,000, a record deal or becoming “famous.” There are numerous opportunities available, whether you see them or not. To have this many talented artists in one place is unheard of, so why not utilize it? Hip Hop is competitive, but why do we feel the need to always be on the defense? Positive energy brings positive results, and vice versa. Use the social media platforms, the live auditions, the website and more to build with your fellow emcees. This is a perfect opportunity to connect with people across the nation and spread your music to places that you may not have had a fan in prior to the show.

Also, keep in mind that people are always watching. You may not win the show, but there are people (like myself) that keep their eye on what is going on. I can assure you there our other people beside myself doing the same, so utilize this opportunity to build, not destroy.

I can’t help to get upset when I see artists who participated in past events complain that they are better then someone who moved forward. I have even seen artists cuss out the judges, the show and myself. What is this going to accomplish? Here is a great quote to live by, “Don’t burn bridges, cross them.” Feel me? I personally don’t forget people’s actions and how they act when they don’t get their way. Remember this show is for TV and each judge has a specific quality they are looking for. You may be right, you may be a “better” rapper then someone who moved on, but you may not have that “star quality.” I’m from Philly and I could grab 5 guys from my neighborhood that would destroy 95% of people lyrically on the mic, yet they just don’t have that drive, that look, the confidence, etc.…Lyrics are important, but sometimes it’s how you say it and NOT what you say.

To sum this rant up; keep a positive attitude, network, come prepared – Rhymes ready, business cards in hand, CD’s or Jump Drives available, look presentable and brush your teeth. If you don’t win, it’s not the end of the world, so don’t act like it is. Just keep putting one in the hole and firing. Remember, you have a FULL CLIP!!

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