One Shot Staff Gives 2015 Artist Expectations

2014 is over and we would like to thank everyone that has supported One Shot over the last few months. KXNG CROOKED, Mike Smith, King Tech & Sway Calloway had an incredible dream and in 2015 it will change the history of Hip-Hop forever. This is an opportunity that will change someone’s life. Whether you are competing for $100,000, supporting a friend or loved one, or are an avid fan of the Hip Hop culture, this will be a memorable experience all around.

To me, this event isn’t just about winning money, or a record deal. It’s about doing something positive for the Hip-Hop culture, showing unity and letting the mainstream media know we are not slowing down. This is more than just music to most of us; it is a lifestyle, it is a job and it is a life savior for some.

Hip-Hop is one of, if not the most competitive music genres. Being competitive is part of our history and it still plays a huge part in the music business today. With that said, it has been a breath of fresh air to see the support going on within this contest. The support of each other’s videos on Facebook, the honest feedback and excitement I am seeing has been incredible. Thank you to everyone that is making this show and contest a success, we couldn’t have done it without you!

In return, the staff at One Shot has drafted up what they are looking for in an artist for 2015. Soak up the information and get ready to take your One Shot!

I look forward to meeting all of you at the auditions.

You ask who am I? I’m Mike Trampe aka the guy who answers all your questions on Social Media.

What One Shot Is Looking For In 2015

1. KXNG CROOKED aka Crooked I of Slaughterhouse (Shady Records) – Creator of One Shot + Judge

In 2015 I’m looking for an artist who is honest, hardworking, passionate, true to the culture of Hip Hop and DOPE AS F**K!

2. Mike Smith – Judge for One Shot / Musician and Producer

In 2015 I am looking for someone who beyond talent has ambition, pure motivation, and the right character to go the distance with us for a long time. We have a great team here that will help me decide on who to write this $100,000 check to and give them a major record deal.

3. Sway Calloway – Host of One Shot

Looking forward to discovering new talent through the One Shot competition and changing the winner’s life with 100K! Also, check out the re-launch of and check out the artist Glam’s project “The Flaw”.

4. DJ King Tech – Judge for One Shot.

I’m looking for originality and new styles in 2015. I do like artists that pay homage to the past but I don’t want them to sound like the past.

5. Kathy Iandoli – Correspondent for One Shot + On-Air Goddess and Intellectual Bon Vivant.

In 2015, I’m looking for a well-rounded artist who can survive above one hit single. Longevity is lacking in the game, so we need less flashes in the pan and more legends in the making.

6. Kim Osorio – Correspondent for One Shot

I’m looking to see rappers elevate the artistry in 2015. Be the total artist package without losing the authenticity that hip-hop has always represented.

7. John Nicholas – General Manager of One Shot.

I am looking for an artist in 2015, that not only has the talent, but the will to work hard to rise above the rest. You got to want it!

8. Abe Batshon – Head of Technology + Marketing for One Shot

In 2015, I am looking for the next superstar artist that will lead the Hip-Hop generation. Willing to use their voice and speak for the advancement of the people and the culture.

9. Zach Herrmann – Producer/Director of One Shot

In 2015 I want to find an artist that can change the way we look at Hip-Hop and Rap. I am looking for someone who defines the art as inspiring and motivating and someone who creates a defining moment in history where Hip-Hop and Rap gets the same respect as any other music genre. I envision by 2016, One Shot will be viewed as the founder of the most influential artists of today’s music industry.

10. Mike Trampe – Social Media, Marketing & Publicity – One Shot.

In 2015 I am looking for the complete artist and someone that has the “It” factor. An artist that is unique, has substance in their lyrics, but can also write a complete song. Being able to harmonize, write hooks and make songs on various topics. Also, they must know that the work doesn’t stop in the studio and be able to work social media, tour and expand their brand on a daily basis.

11. Mickey Treacherous – Marketing + Planning for One Shot

I don’t know what I’m looking for in an artist in 2015, but I’ll know it when I hear and see it.

12. Jack Thriller – Correspondent & Interviewer for One Shot

I’m looking for originality, stage presence and personality.

Take your ONE SHOT at