Don’t Get Scammed, Do Your Research

By: Mike Trampe

If you have been scammed before, you know it sucks. You would love to have faith in every person you come across, but unfortunately you can’t do that, especially in the music business. Sometimes learning the “hard way” is the best way. I have been through a ton of crazy shit in the music industry over the last 10 years and I am hoping that some of this information will help you along your journey.

Google is your friend! Remember that. Shit, use Bing if you want. You have the world at your fingertips, why wouldn’t you use it? Now, I am not saying Google is the answer to all of your concerns, but it’s a great start.

1st: I have been contacted numerous times about the One Shot show on social media. The questions have been something like “Hey, is this show legit” or “Is this a scam or fa real?” I answer a lot of questions daily, but a question of this magnitude should not be asked. Why you ask? They already have the answer. Fifteen minutes of research would have given them enough evidence to make an educated decision, but yet they asked. If we were scamming people, do you think I would tell you when you ask? [Laughs] It’s funny, but it scares me at the same time for artists. A scammer is not going to tell you they are scamming you. If you base your decisions off someone’s word, instead of doing a few minutes of research, you dug your own grave.

2nd: Most scammers are smooth talkers and play the role perfectly, so be alert. They prey on you with “Guarantees”, “Your music sent out to 250,000 contacts”, or bogus “tours” where you put up a ton of bread and get nothing from it! Now, there are some artist showcases where you pay a little scratch, get tickets to giveaway (or sell) and have legit opportunities. So I’m not dissing them.

Side Note: A producers showcase actually helped my career tremendously. We paid for my producer to be in it and it was the best money I ever spent in my life. The networking was top notch. I’m still good friends with the co-owner of the producers showcase. Shout out to iStandardProducers!

2nd (continued): Now back to the matter at hand. I’m talking about dudes asking for $5K up front for “expenses” or some other bullshit. They are out there and I have seen them at work. It sickens me. The majority of these guys do have a ton of negative reviews online, but if you fail to do your research, that’s how you get burnt. Now, if someone does have negative reports online, ask them about the claims. If they are not willing to discuss that with you (a potential client), then walk away immediately. Keep in mind, people do file false scam reports from time to time, but there are other ways to find out if someone is a scumbag or has a jealous competitor trying to throw shade on their brand. Again, research is key here.

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Question: Are you a rapper or are you an artist? Rappers rap. Artists have their publishing in order, they do their research and they know the answers to the questions that shouldn’t be asked.

So which are you?

One Love

Mike Trampe x x x