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Don’t Get Scammed, Do Your Research

Don’t Get Scammed, Do Your Research

By: Mike Trampe

If you have been scammed before, you know it sucks. You would love to have faith in every person you come across, but unfortunately you can’t do that, especially in the music business. Sometimes learning the “hard way” is the best way. I have been through a ton of crazy shit in the music industry over the last 10 years and I am hoping that some of this information will help you along your journey.

Google is your friend! Remember that. Shit, use Bing if you want. You have the world at your fingertips, why wouldn’t you use it? Now, I am not saying Google is the answer to all of your concerns, but it’s a great start.

1st: I have been contacted numerous times about the One Shot show on social media. The questions have been something like “Hey, is this show legit” or “Is this a scam or fa real?” I answer a lot of questions daily, but a question of this magnitude should not be asked. Why you ask? They already have the answer. Fifteen minutes of research would have given them enough evidence to make an educated decision, but yet they asked. If we were scamming people, do you think I would tell you when you ask? [Laughs] It’s funny, but it scares me at the same time for artists. A scammer is not going to tell you they are scamming you. If you base your decisions off someone’s word, instead of doing a few minutes of research, you dug your own grave.

2nd: Most scammers are smooth talkers and play the role perfectly, so be alert. They prey on you with “Guarantees”, “Your music sent out to 250,000 contacts”, or bogus “tours” where you put up a ton of bread and get nothing from it! Now, there are some artist showcases where you pay a little scratch, get tickets to giveaway (or sell) and have legit opportunities. So I’m not dissing them.

Side Note: A producers showcase actually helped my career tremendously. We paid for my producer to be in it and it was the best money I ever spent in my life. The networking was top notch. I’m still good friends with the co-owner of the producers showcase. Shout out to iStandardProducers!

2nd (continued): Now back to the matter at hand. I’m talking about dudes asking for $5K up front for “expenses” or some other bullshit. They are out there and I have seen them at work. It sickens me. The majority of these guys do have a ton of negative reviews online, but if you fail to do your research, that’s how you get burnt. Now, if someone does have negative reports online, ask them about the claims. If they are not willing to discuss that with you (a potential client), then walk away immediately. Keep in mind, people do file false scam reports from time to time, but there are other ways to find out if someone is a scumbag or has a jealous competitor trying to throw shade on their brand. Again, research is key here.

If you’re digging this topic, sound off in the comment section and let me know.

Question: Are you a rapper or are you an artist? Rappers rap. Artists have their publishing in order, they do their research and they know the answers to the questions that shouldn’t be asked.

So which are you?

One Love

Mike Trampe

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I Took One Shot & Have 16 Left In The Clip

I Took One Shot & Have 16 Left In The Clip

By Mike Trampe

Let me make this clear from the jump. Were talking opportunities here, not bullets. With that said, let’s get into it.

I have the pleasure of being on the front line of One Shot’s social media on a daily basis. While the experience is usually positive, I can’t help to notice some of the negativity that comes with the territory, and for what? Hopefully this article will help you see it from my perspective.

The show is called One Shot, but it isn’t the end of your career, dream or life if you don’t win the show. Just like the title implies, you have many more “shots” left, especially if you play your cards right.

In my opinion, this show isn’t only about winning $100,000, a record deal or becoming “famous.” There are numerous opportunities available, whether you see them or not. To have this many talented artists in one place is unheard of, so why not utilize it? Hip Hop is competitive, but why do we feel the need to always be on the defense? Positive energy brings positive results, and vice versa. Use the social media platforms, the live auditions, the website and more to build with your fellow emcees. This is a perfect opportunity to connect with people across the nation and spread your music to places that you may not have had a fan in prior to the show.

Also, keep in mind that people are always watching. You may not win the show, but there are people (like myself) that keep their eye on what is going on. I can assure you there our other people beside myself doing the same, so utilize this opportunity to build, not destroy.

I can’t help to get upset when I see artists who participated in past events complain that they are better then someone who moved forward. I have even seen artists cuss out the judges, the show and myself. What is this going to accomplish? Here is a great quote to live by, “Don’t burn bridges, cross them.” Feel me? I personally don’t forget people’s actions and how they act when they don’t get their way. Remember this show is for TV and each judge has a specific quality they are looking for. You may be right, you may be a “better” rapper then someone who moved on, but you may not have that “star quality.” I’m from Philly and I could grab 5 guys from my neighborhood that would destroy 95% of people lyrically on the mic, yet they just don’t have that drive, that look, the confidence, etc.…Lyrics are important, but sometimes it’s how you say it and NOT what you say.

To sum this rant up; keep a positive attitude, network, come prepared – Rhymes ready, business cards in hand, CD’s or Jump Drives available, look presentable and brush your teeth. If you don’t win, it’s not the end of the world, so don’t act like it is. Just keep putting one in the hole and firing. Remember, you have a FULL CLIP!!

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5 Things Rappers Should Be Doing On Social Media

5 Things Rappers Should Be Doing On Social Media

Yoski! It’s your boy Mike Trampe, Social Media & Marketing Manager for One Shot.

Last week I dropped an article called, “5 Things Rappers SHOULD’NT Be Doing On Social Media” and it did extremely well.

So I figured, why not do an article on the flip-side, what you SHOULD be doing. I talked with my fellow #HHBU colleagues @Breezyb215 (Exclusive Public) and @ladydebm about this, and we came up with 5 things you should be doing. Check em’ out!

1. Be Yourself – Marketing your music doesn’t always mean promoting your music every chance you get. People want to be entertained and taken into your world. If people enjoy you as a whole, they will be in tune with your music releases as well. Make sure you are posting interesting content that showcases your music journey; include behind the scenes videos, performance footage, studio footage, vlogs, etc. Also, make sure you include content that you like outside of your music; sports, comedy, fashion and more can be posted. Just be yourself and share your interests.

2. Be Consistent – Consistency is a huge issue and can mean the difference between people paying attention or not. You have to give people a reason to feel comfortable in supporting you. If they see that you’re inconsistent, that doesn’t give them the trust needed to support you 100%. Make sure you use social media on a consistent basis and make people feel like they are part of your journey.

3. Be Complete – Make people want to click FOLLOW. Your bio’s must have your website link. If you don’t have a website yet, then you have bigger issues. Include a one-liner that will grab peoples attention. Keep it short, but make it powerful. If you are not actively booking shows or touring, do not have a booking contact in your profile bio’s. Use that space sparingly, doing your research is the key. Your profile should have consistent, professional artwork across the board. The about me/bio’s should be the same on all channels and you should be updating hi-res photos weekly, if not daily. This can all go back to #2, be consistent!

4. Be Social – Surprise, Surprise. Who would have thought? LOL. Make sure you are responding to people’s message the best you can. Try to interact with everyone that supports your brand and/or music. It’s called SOCIAL media, so be social. Do your research and know whom you are contacting, don’t spam them and annoy them. Have a game plan, don’t freestyle it.

5. Be Thankful – If you get a post from ANY blog, you support the post for a minimum of 7 days. Now, I am not saying tweet it to 100 people everyday, because that is overkill and not strategized. Come up with unique ways of promoting a site or brand that supports you. Support the blogs that support you, it’s only right. Most blogs don’t make much money, but if they do it’s off Advertising and the need all the traffic they can get. Also thank your fans, friends and family that support your brand. It’s not always about you and your music, use social to show love to your inner circle and fans.

One Shot Staff Gives 2015 Artist Expectations

One Shot Staff Gives 2015 Artist Expectations

2014 is over and we would like to thank everyone that has supported One Shot over the last few months. KXNG CROOKED, Mike Smith, King Tech & Sway Calloway had an incredible dream and in 2015 it will change the history of Hip-Hop forever. This is an opportunity that will change someone’s life. Whether you are competing for $100,000, supporting a friend or loved one, or are an avid fan of the Hip Hop culture, this will be a memorable experience all around.

To me, this event isn’t just about winning money, or a record deal. It’s about doing something positive for the Hip-Hop culture, showing unity and letting the mainstream media know we are not slowing down. This is more than just music to most of us; it is a lifestyle, it is a job and it is a life savior for some.

Hip-Hop is one of, if not the most competitive music genres. Being competitive is part of our history and it still plays a huge part in the music business today. With that said, it has been a breath of fresh air to see the support going on within this contest. The support of each other’s videos on Facebook, the honest feedback and excitement I am seeing has been incredible. Thank you to everyone that is making this show and contest a success, we couldn’t have done it without you!

In return, the staff at One Shot has drafted up what they are looking for in an artist for 2015. Soak up the information and get ready to take your One Shot!

I look forward to meeting all of you at the auditions.

You ask who am I? I’m Mike Trampe aka the guy who answers all your questions on Social Media.

What One Shot Is Looking For In 2015

1. KXNG CROOKED aka Crooked I of Slaughterhouse (Shady Records) – Creator of One Shot + Judge

In 2015 I’m looking for an artist who is honest, hardworking, passionate, true to the culture of Hip Hop and DOPE AS F**K!

2. Mike Smith – Judge for One Shot / Musician and Producer

In 2015 I am looking for someone who beyond talent has ambition, pure motivation, and the right character to go the distance with us for a long time. We have a great team here that will help me decide on who to write this $100,000 check to and give them a major record deal.

3. Sway Calloway – Host of One Shot

Looking forward to discovering new talent through the One Shot competition and changing the winner’s life with 100K! Also, check out the re-launch of Swaysuniverse.com and check out the artist Glam’s project “The Flaw”.

4. DJ King Tech – Judge for One Shot.

I’m looking for originality and new styles in 2015. I do like artists that pay homage to the past but I don’t want them to sound like the past.

5. Kathy Iandoli – Correspondent for One Shot + On-Air Goddess and Intellectual Bon Vivant.

In 2015, I’m looking for a well-rounded artist who can survive above one hit single. Longevity is lacking in the game, so we need less flashes in the pan and more legends in the making.

6. Kim Osorio – Correspondent for One Shot

I’m looking to see rappers elevate the artistry in 2015. Be the total artist package without losing the authenticity that hip-hop has always represented.

7. John Nicholas – General Manager of One Shot.

I am looking for an artist in 2015, that not only has the talent, but the will to work hard to rise above the rest. You got to want it!

8. Abe Batshon – Head of Technology + Marketing for One Shot

In 2015, I am looking for the next superstar artist that will lead the Hip-Hop generation. Willing to use their voice and speak for the advancement of the people and the culture.

9. Zach Herrmann – Producer/Director of One Shot

In 2015 I want to find an artist that can change the way we look at Hip-Hop and Rap. I am looking for someone who defines the art as inspiring and motivating and someone who creates a defining moment in history where Hip-Hop and Rap gets the same respect as any other music genre. I envision by 2016, One Shot will be viewed as the founder of the most influential artists of today’s music industry.

10. Mike Trampe – Social Media, Marketing & Publicity – One Shot.

In 2015 I am looking for the complete artist and someone that has the “It” factor. An artist that is unique, has substance in their lyrics, but can also write a complete song. Being able to harmonize, write hooks and make songs on various topics. Also, they must know that the work doesn’t stop in the studio and be able to work social media, tour and expand their brand on a daily basis.

11. Mickey Treacherous – Marketing + Planning for One Shot

I don’t know what I’m looking for in an artist in 2015, but I’ll know it when I hear and see it.

12. Jack Thriller – Correspondent & Interviewer for One Shot

I’m looking for originality, stage presence and personality.

Take your ONE SHOT at www.myoneshot.tv

Evening Rides

Evening Rides

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Remote Places

Remote Places

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Water Town

Water Town

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Maritime Shipping

Maritime Shipping

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Cooking Courses

Cooking Courses

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