5 Things Rappers Should Be Doing On Social Media

Yoski! It’s your boy Mike Trampe, Social Media & Marketing Manager for One Shot.

Last week I dropped an article called, “5 Things Rappers SHOULD’NT Be Doing On Social Media” and it did extremely well.

So I figured, why not do an article on the flip-side, what you SHOULD be doing. I talked with my fellow #HHBU colleagues @Breezyb215 (Exclusive Public) and @ladydebm about this, and we came up with 5 things you should be doing. Check em’ out!

1. Be Yourself – Marketing your music doesn’t always mean promoting your music every chance you get. People want to be entertained and taken into your world. If people enjoy you as a whole, they will be in tune with your music releases as well. Make sure you are posting interesting content that showcases your music journey; include behind the scenes videos, performance footage, studio footage, vlogs, etc. Also, make sure you include content that you like outside of your music; sports, comedy, fashion and more can be posted. Just be yourself and share your interests.

2. Be Consistent – Consistency is a huge issue and can mean the difference between people paying attention or not. You have to give people a reason to feel comfortable in supporting you. If they see that you’re inconsistent, that doesn’t give them the trust needed to support you 100%. Make sure you use social media on a consistent basis and make people feel like they are part of your journey.

3. Be Complete – Make people want to click FOLLOW. Your bio’s must have your website link. If you don’t have a website yet, then you have bigger issues. Include a one-liner that will grab peoples attention. Keep it short, but make it powerful. If you are not actively booking shows or touring, do not have a booking contact in your profile bio’s. Use that space sparingly, doing your research is the key. Your profile should have consistent, professional artwork across the board. The about me/bio’s should be the same on all channels and you should be updating hi-res photos weekly, if not daily. This can all go back to #2, be consistent!

4. Be Social – Surprise, Surprise. Who would have thought? LOL. Make sure you are responding to people’s message the best you can. Try to interact with everyone that supports your brand and/or music. It’s called SOCIAL media, so be social. Do your research and know whom you are contacting, don’t spam them and annoy them. Have a game plan, don’t freestyle it.

5. Be Thankful – If you get a post from ANY blog, you support the post for a minimum of 7 days. Now, I am not saying tweet it to 100 people everyday, because that is overkill and not strategized. Come up with unique ways of promoting a site or brand that supports you. Support the blogs that support you, it’s only right. Most blogs don’t make much money, but if they do it’s off Advertising and the need all the traffic they can get. Also thank your fans, friends and family that support your brand. It’s not always about you and your music, use social to show love to your inner circle and fans.